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Nettle is high in Vitamins A, C, D and K, chlorophyll content, and minerals calcium, phosphorous, iron, sulphur and silica, which makes it useful in combating deficiency conditions such as anaemia, osteoarthritis and hair loss. It contains the essential nutrient choline, which is used to make the important neurotransmitter acetylcholine, involved in many bodily functions including memory and muscle function. Known to eliminate uric acid build up in the body and cleanse the blood, nettle is often used to treat conditions where toxic build up is present including eczema, gout, kidney and liver diseases. As an anti-allergic it influences histamine levels. For this reason, it can be effective in the treatment of hay fever, mozzie bites and asthma. Nettle can be added to soup, vegetable, meat and egg dishes, and used to brew herbal beer. Dogs can benefit from the nutrient content of nettle by sprinkling in 1 tsp/1kg of food, and infusions can be used as a rinse for a strong healthy coat.

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Tags: Nervous eczema, gout, kidney and liver disease, hay fever, asthma, anaemia, osteoarthritis, hair loss, cooking, for dogs