• St Marys Thistle Powder

St Marys Thistle Powder

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St Mary’s Thistle is a great liver tonic that protects, detoxifies and acts to regenerate liver cells. It is most well known as a liver protector, fending off the effects of alcohol and mushroom poisoning. As a bitter tonic, it promotes the flow of bile assisting with liver disorders involving toxicity. This also aids metabolism of fats, sugars and protein which is useful in cases of fatty liver, high blood fats and candida. Its detoxifying properties can also assist in cases of gall bladder and duct inflammation. As a galactagogue, St Mary’s Thistle is known to increase the flow of milk in nursing mothers

Tags: Lowering blood fats, inflamed gall bladder/duct, food allergies, fatty liver, cirrhosis, mushroom poisoning, hepatitis A, B, C viral, damage caused by alcohol, candida, increase milk flow