Founded in 2016 by Kelly Dixon, The Chemistry of Plant and Body was created to help distribute and build awareness of the benefits plants hold for us. In 2015 a family member suffered a major illness that sent Kelly on a mission to find a way to heal and stay healthy naturally. After studying Western Herbalism she realised that plants have the ability to help us in many ways, but because we are not generally educated about them when learning about nutrition and the food groups during schooling, the majority of our population doesn't realise the importance of them.

"Our diets today mainly consist of the fruit and vegetables that come off plants, but the roots, rhizomes, leaves, bark and seeds of many plants also hold so much benefit for the human body, we should all be incorporating them into our diets in some way. Our company aims to deliver the highest quality plant products straight to your door so you can start enjoying the benefits today"

The Chemistry of Plant and Body is all about introducing the various functions that plants have in our bodies, in an easy to understand way. Our information is referenced and based on clinically proven results, so you know it can be trusted. Plants have been used since the dawn of time to help heal the body and support our bodily functions. The magic comes from the chemical reactions that occur between our bodies and the chemicals contained within the's The Chemistry of Plant and Body!

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